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Care Groups

Connect. Assist. Restore. Encourage.

Our CARE Groups help you grow toward Christ, develop practical life skills, and heal from whatever life has thrown at you. Our groups are open to anyone who is interested in participating. Whether or not you live in the area, attend Southwinds or a different church, or even if you’re not Christian, we are here for you.

We see lives changed in every one of our groups and we’d like to help you improve yours. Check out the list of groups we offer below and come join us.

For more information on our on-campus CARE Groups, bringing a CARE Group to your neighborhood/community, or any of our Life Groups, please contact us at  .

Celebrate Recovery

If you or someone you know is struggling with life's hurts, hang-ups, or habits, come join us for a Christ-centered recovery program. Learn more or enroll now.


Healthy Discipleship

Healthy Discipleship is all about finding new ways to grow in developing and sharing our faith. These groups include learning practical leadership skills, understanding your spiritual gifts, and learning how to share and defend your faith with others. Learn more or enroll now.

Healthy Habits

Our Healthy Habits groups focus on developing a healthier approach to key areas of our lives. Whether you are looking to have a healthier relationship with alcohol or drugs, money, sex, or food, you will get support and practical tips that help you make the changes you desire in your life. Learn more or enroll now.

Healthy Mind

Our mental health groups provide practical tips and support to overcome mental illness and mental health challenges. We have groups for adults, teens, and the support network around them. Learn more or enroll now.

Heal Life's Wounds

Life is rarely easy and it often leaves scars behind. Whether you are recovering from abuse, an abortion, a sexual assault/childhood sexual trauma, or have other pain you want to leave in the past, these are the groups for you. Learn more or enroll now.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are foundational to a thriving, successful life. Join us as we share how to create and develop our marriages, as parents, and grow in all our relationships. Learn more or enroll now.