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The worship ministry at Southwinds exists to prepare and lead the body into regular times of engaging with God. True worship not only glorifies God but also changes who we are. It is our desire to facilitate this change every chance we get. While it is true that every week we need singers, instrumentalists and technicians who feel a call from the Lord to be a part of this ministry, It is more important that we find leaders who are willing to be on their knees during the week. We need people who are willing to do the hard work of growing in faith and are maturing in Christ.

We utilize musicians and tech people in our Adult Worship, Student Worship, Celebrate Recovery Worship, and Children's Worship. There are a number of ways to get involved with the worship ministry at Southwinds.

  • Worship Team - The worship team is a group of people with specialized abilities that help lead worship every week. This rotating group requires an audition to join.
  • Band - The band is comprised of players of varying abilities and instruments. We meet weekly to rehearse for the following weekend. This rotating group requires an audition to join.
  • Audio Team - This group of volunteers is responsible for overseeing our audio needs. They rehearse along with the band and praise team/choir each week.
  • Media Team - This group runs our computers (ProPresenter) that control our sermon slides, graphics and videos.
  • Video Team - These volunteers record weekly services, using multiple cameras. 

If you are interested being a part of the worship ministry at Southwinds, here are a few steps you must take:

  1. Fill out a Connect Card and mark "Worship Ministry" on the back, or submit your information here.
  2. Read and sign the Worship Ministry Handbook and agree to a one year commitment.
  3. Setup a Planning Center Online account (you'll be sent an invitation and instructions after you submit your information). We use this web service to schedule instrumentalists, vocalists, and tech people each week as well as distribute music and media.
  4. Attend a rehearsal as an audition. We will send you a date once you have a account. You will only participate in the rehearsal (not the service). This gives us a chance to hear you and also gives you a chance to see how things work and make sure you feel comfortable with the pace before 'going live'.
  5. Once we have had a chance to hear you, we will contact you with scheduling details. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be successful in worship leading, therefore we may ask you to complete training prior to being placed on the schedule.
  6. Throughout the year, we ask all of our team members to complete four training courses at We believe we should be growing spiritually as well as in our skills.

Many people in our ministry have never been involved with music before. If you are interested we have training available. Please contact Tobias Joseph at  for more information