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Healthy Mind

Mental health challenges can be overwhelming for those who struggle with them and for their support network. These groups explore practical skills that will help ease the struggle and remind us that God loves us for who we are – not what we struggle with.

Mental Health for Adults

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges prevent us from experience the fullness of God’s gifts to us. Join others learning critical skills and growing in faith as we lay our burdens down at His feet and invite him into our mental health journey. Click here to enroll now.

Mental Health for Teens

Teenagers face unique challenges when it comes to mental health. In this group, discover tools and skills that will help you manage everyday stresses while developing in your faith. Click here to enroll now.

Mental Health Support for Families

Loving someone who struggles with mental health challenges can be extremely difficult. Join others walking the same road while getting communal and spiritual support. Click here to enroll now.