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Little Stars/Preschool

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Little Stars/Preschool

For Babies through Preschoolers

Little Stars is a safe, clean and lovingly-staffed place for your children to learn from the earliest age that “God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.” Through fun activities, crafts, music, creative play & Bible time, your child will be well taken care of while you enjoy the worship service.

bringing your child for the first time

Southwinds is always excited for new families to join us, and we want to do everything we can to make it a positive experience. When you enter the Children’s Area, please make your way to the Visitor Check-In Station. One of our leaders will take your information and have you fill out a Guest Form. We will print out two stickers for you. One will go on your child’s back as a nametag, and you will keep the other. Please make our room teachers aware of feeding, sleeping and diaper schedules, food allergies, or any other special needs.

picking up your child

Upon picking up the child, you will need to show the Parent Claim Ticket. This is to ensure that babies only go home with the parents who dropped them off.

what to bring

Please mark all personal items with the child’s name before coming to Little Stars. Also, please do not bring personal toys as they are likely to be lost.

  1. Diapers (2-3 just to be sure)
  2. Pacifier or other item child needs for security
  3. A complete change of clothes in case of “emergency”!
staying with your child

We realize that sometimes a child has a hard time leaving Mom & Dad. If you need to stay to soothe your child, we ask that you do so for only 5 minutes. Because we take care to make sure all volunteer leaders are properly screened, we cannot allow unscreened parents to stay with their child the entire service. We will contact you to return if your child does not adjust to being in class.

If you would like to be a volunteer leader, please decide which service you prefer to serve and email either Pastor Chris at or Christine at .

wellness guidelines

In consideration of all children, we cannot accept children if they have ANY of the following:

  1. Fever in the last 48 hours
  2. Fresh cold in the last 4 days
  3. Vomit or Diarrhea in last 48 hours
  4. Rash or any sign of sickness other than allergies

To avoid bottle swapping or food allergy reactions, please do not provide snacks for your child. We will have Cheerios and Goldfish available. If there is a concern over a food allergy, please notify the teacher and mark it on the sign-in sheet so that it also shows up on the nametag. If we ever serve a special food item, a sign will be displayed as you enter the room.

Checking in on your child

Feel free to peek in on your child if they are having separation anxiety. We simply ask that you try not to disturb the class and use discretion.

ideas & suggestions for Little Stars

Please share any suggestions for improving our Little Stars nursery. We value your feedback and want you to feel heard by our leadership.